Startup studio

  • Core values

We’re a community

TopXight was founded with the goal of providing a supportive community environment. We reflect this value in everything we do — even choosing which ideas to fund.


We’re transparent

Transparency fosters trust and commitment, and these two values form the foundation of our long-term relationships at TopXight. Transparency is the driving ethos behind our open, horizontal management structure.


We’re committed

TopXight is your hardworking partner in business success. Our team of global experts is committed to bringing your idea to market in a timeline that works best for your unique business.


We’re open

Innovation can only truly occur in an environment that allows for the open, free exchange of ideas. Our horizontal business structure and community culture fosters an environment open to the ideas and input of all team members.


We’re fair

Fairness applies to all aspects of business — from equity structures and board meetings down to our role in helping entrepreneurs shape their startups.